Targeting Cancer With Precision Engineered C’Dot Platform

Elucida’s breakthrough ultra-small C’Dot platform enables precise tumor targeting, deep tumor penetration and better tumor killing efficacy. Our platform enables us to produce novel therapeutics that clear rapidly and efficiently from the body, reducing the potential for off-target toxicities and resulting in an improved safety profile for patients.

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From the October 29, 2014 cover of Science Translational Medicine. Illustration: V. Altounian, C. Bickel/ Science Translational Medicine. Reprinted with permission from AAAS.

A Novel Platform

An entirely new class of ultra-small, precision-engineered tumor targeted therapeutics that represent a breakthrough in treating patients with cancer.

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Synergistic Leadership

Scientific, clinical and business strength combined to provide outstanding leadership.

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Clinical Experience

Early human clinical data has been published and pilot clinical trials are ongoing.

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Lead Programs

Elucida Oncology is focused primarily on developing precision targeted C’Dot Drug Conjugate therapeutics or CDCs to treat patients with complex cancers.

In addition to developing therapeutics, we have advanced several clinical and preclinical programs in diagnostic imaging and surgical applications that we are seeking to work with experienced industry partners for further clinical development.

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