Shining a Light on Cancer

Elucida Oncology™ is focused on transforming outcomes for patients with primary solid tumor and metastatic cancer. We are leveraging the novel Target or Clear™ capabilities of our ultra-small C-Dot cancer-targeting particle platform across diagnostic imaging, surgical and a wide range of therapeutic applications.

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Key Numbers


Projected new cancer
cases in 2017 1


Projected lives
lost in 2017 1


Approximate number who will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime2

From the October 29, 2014 cover of Science Translational Medicine. Illustration: V. Altounian, C. Bickel/ Science Translational Medicine. Reprinted with permission from AAAS.

A Novel Platform

An entirely new class of cancer-targeted, ultra-small, precision-engineered particles.

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Synergistic Leadership

Scientific, clinical and business strength combined to provide outstanding leadership.

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In Clinical Use

Early human clinical data has been published and clinical trials are currently enrolling.

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The adaptability of our platform and our globally-recognized scientific team has led to advanced preclinical programs across diagnostic imaging, surgical and therapeutic applications.

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