Our Science

Novel Precision Architecture Designed to Deliver Unique Capabilities

c-dot diagram c-dot and fluorophore diagram c-dot and PEG-cRGDY diagram c-dot and PET-labeled cRGDY diagram

C-Dots encapsulate near-infrared dye, represented in red, with a rigid silica shell, as shown in blue. Rigidifying the dye leads to an enhancement of fluorescence. The silica shell is then coated with a layer of polyethylene glycol (PEG), providing a surface chemistry that can be carefully tuned with the goal of providing a number of novel benefits. PEG also acts as an ideal linker for a broad variety of ligands.

The modular nature of the C-Dot platform is designed to make use of a portfolio of targeting capabilities to enable precision targeting of chosen cancer cells or mutations. A range of imaging and therapeutic payloads can also be attached. Testing has demonstrated the potential for up to 95% clearance of C-Dots through the renal system to enable particles to safely leave the body.

Novel Target or Clear™ Capabilities

The intrinsic capability of our ultra-small particle platform to target cancer cells, or clear safely from the body via the renal system offers game-changing potential across the diagnosis and treatment of solid primary tumor and metastatic cancers.